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Marriage doesn't have to be a battle, but you will have to fight for it.

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About Choosing Love

Choosing Love is a Christian non-profit marriage ministry dedicated to strengthening marriages through counseling, conferences, retreats, and resources. Our mission is to help couples build Christ-centered marriages that last a lifetime. We believe that every marriage has the potential to thrive with the right tools and guidance.

"If I choose love, you can't change it. You can influence it, you can make it easier to love you, you can make it harder to love you but if I'm choosing love, then it's unconditional because it's my choice" - Trey Dixon

Our Services

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At Choosing Love we offer licensed Biblical Pastoral Counseling. We take a truly Biblical approach with the following philosophy: "Our goal is to get you Spiritually, Emotionally and Relationally healthy individually" 


Choosing Love offers two separate marriage enrichment events, a Marriage Conference and a

Marriage Retreat. Each of our marriage events address the same content, how to find healing in your marriage and how to strengthen your connection. You will learn God's purpose for marriage, the biggest

pitfall's of marriage, how to better love your spouse and how to be loved by them.

Whether your marriage is on life support or you are just looking for a tune-up, these marriage events will offer the healing and tools needed to help your marriage not just last but truly thrive.


Our desire is that every marriage would experience the healing and restoration to become the union that God designed it to be. To help accomplish that goal, we want to provide biblical

resources to help you discover the marriage God intends you to have. Marriage devotionals,

podcast, recommended books, videos, social media and more. All of these resources are free

of charge, so feel free to print, download, watch, etc.


Our team at Choosing Love is composed of partners in ministry, all of whom are committed to helping couples thrive within their relationships by focusing on the individual person  to help you navigate your counseling journey.


You are not the only one. We can sometimes feel like our marriage is the only one struggeling. Other couples have been in the same place you are and are now thriving. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb the word of our testimony. 

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