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Our Story

Trey & Amy were high school sweethearts and married at 18 & 19. Everyone brings baggage into marriage, some bring an overnight bag and some bring a UHaul. Amy brought the over night bag and Trey brought the UHaul. With a 94% divorce rate in his family, on both sides, going back two generations, Trey had no real understanding of love or commitment.

For the first 15 years of their marriage Trey battled a pornography addiction that lead to multiple affairs. It all culminated in 2010 when he was sitting all alone in a rental house, losing everything, with a gun in his mouth crying out to God. That’s when and where God met him.

Since 2010 Trey & Amy have not only restored their marriage, with more trust, more friendship, more intimacy and more connection but they have helped thousands of others. Trey was the co-founder of a men’s ministry called True North which has impacted thousands of men all across the country. He is a speaker, author and full-time pastoral counselor. Amy has helped launch multiple ministries and speaks along-side Trey at various marriage conferences and events.

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