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4 Ways to Thank Your Spouse

Updated: Jan 5

Gratitude is an important part of a healthy marriage. It’s crucial for spouses to

intentionally cultivate a sense of gratitude toward one another to maintain

harmony and happiness in the relationship. If you’re looking for a way to deepen

your love and get closer with your spouse, practicing regular gratitude is one way to

make that happen.

Gratitude, patience, and empathy can carry you through all sorts of challenges in

your life together. When you express genuine gratitude toward your spouse, it will

resonate with them. And when you make it a habit to do so, you’re creating fertile

ground for more love and positivity in the future.

There are many ways to thank your spouse for everything they do for you and to

show them how grateful you are for them. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it

contains some simple tips to help inspire you to show your spouse more gratitude

each day.


There are many ways to say thank you to the person you love most in the world.

Speaking the words verbally is important, of course. You can also express gratitude

in other ways, such as in letters, cards, or text messages.

Don’t feel pressured to commit to elaborate gestures if that’s not how you normally

communicate (or if it’s not what your spouse responds well to). The key is consistent

gratitude. How you express it can be simple, but don’t neglect to let your spouse

know how much you truly appreciate who they are and what they do.


Gratitude can be well expressed by pausing everyday activities to simply focus on

your spouse. So what might a pause look like?

  • A slow meal at your spouse’s favorite cafe

  • Spending a night in, rather than serving other obligations

  • Taking extra time for intimacy that’s focused on your spouse

  • Dropping what you’re doing to go on a date

Your pause can look many different ways, and there’s no one size fits all rule.

However you choose to go about it, a pause is meant to pull the two of you outside

of your normal hectic pace so you have a chance to show your gratitude without

being in a rush.

If you want to focus a little extra time on your spouse, check out the conversation

prompts in the book, Love Talk Starters. This book contains 275 questions that will

help guide you into meaningful conversations with your spouse. It’s a great tool for

your pauses!


It’s possible for open and regular affection to wane in the face of hectic schedules,

careers, and outside obligations. But affection is a wonderful way to show your

spouse gratitude, so make time for it.


No, this doesn’t necessarily mean breakfast in bed (although if that’s what you have

in mind, we’re sure your spouse won’t complain!). Serving and loving your spouse

selflessly, without expectations, is one of the highest acts of love and gratitude you

can accomplish. That could look like picking up the slack somewhere in your

everyday life, particularly if it has been a busy season. It could also look like you

giving your spouse a break by taking on additional responsibilities for them.


Ultimately, you can create your own picture of what gratitude looks like in your

marriage. The important thing is to follow through with consistency and love. Thank

your spouse on a regular basis, and help your relationship thrive.

What are some unique ways you show regular gratitude to your spouse? How has

Provided by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot

4 Ways to Thank Your Spouse
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